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We are among the best surrogacy centers in Bangalore

Mannat Fertility Clinic is a well-known name not just among the surrogacy centers in Bangalore but also regionally and nationally. When you come to our clinic it is with great expectations of fulfilling a life-long desire to have a child and we are committed to help you in this endeavor with the best that technology can offer along with our expertise and experience.

What to expect from good surrogate mother clinics in Bangalore

When a woman agrees to undergo pregnancy and then conceives a child for a couple who are not able to have a biological child on their own, she becomes the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother or the gestational carrier and the intended parents enter into a legally binding agreement before the process can begin. This is to ensure that the intended parents are able to start their family; the gestational carrier honors the agreement by not refusing to part with the baby.

We make sure that all the stakeholders – the surrogate mother and the intended parents enter a legally binding agreement that leaves no scope for any one of them to dishonor the agreement. Middle class childless couples often look for a low cost surrogate mother who would agree to conceive a child for them at an affordable cost. It is our job to ensure that no legalities are overlooked before the process of surrogacy begins. A similar incident had happened in the first ever surrogacy in the United States in 1985. The case had to be resolved via a court order after the intended parents initiated legal action for custody of the baby.

Types of surrogacy in the best surrogacy clinic in Bangalore

Surrogacy is of two types – gestational and traditional. The gestational option becomes necessary when eggs from a donor are needed to create embryos in the laboratory before they are inseminated into the uterus of the surrogate mother. In this case the surrogate child will have no genetic connection with the intended father. In traditional surrogacy the intended father’s eggs are inseminated into the uterus of the gestational carrier to help her become pregnant. In this case the child will be genetically connected to the intended father.

Our highly experienced surrogacy specialists will provide the best guidance and care to all stakeholders – the intended parents and the gestational carrier for the smooth completion of the process. As one of the best surrogacy clinic in Bangalore Mannat Clinic ensures that a low cost surrogate mother:

  • Is physically and mentally fit to undergo the process
  • Has prior experience of successfully conceiving at least one child
  • Has a normal pregnancy history that ran the full term without any complications
  • Is less than 35 years of age and has a cheerful outlook
  • Lives a stable life at her home even if she lacks affluence
  • Does not smoke or consume alcoholic spirits

Well-networked surrogacy services in Bangalore and beyond

Mannat Fertility Clinic is among the few surrogacy centers in Bangalore that works with some of the best surrogacy specialists to essentially oversee ovum and sperm donation, embryo fertilization and implantation among others. Our high quality prenatal care and delivery as well as complete post-natal care for the surrogate mother, the baby and the parents is not just sensitive and wholehearted but also innovative and advanced.

To understand our work ethics better one needs to appreciate the fact that we do not trade in babies or guarantee them in exchange for payments. Our policy of sensible surrogacy is not to run an assembly line of babies and we are completely against any idea of selling or guaranteeing babies in exchange for payments. We provide low cost surrogacy in India to childless couples on their efforts to start a new family and we also coordinate with other reputed IVF clinics, egg donation agencies, and other relevant services to make it easier for such couples to have a family in the easiest and simplest manner possible.

How our low cost surrogacy in India functions systematically?

Low Cost Surrogacy

Most surrogacy centers in Bangalore culminate their services once the baby is delivered but that is not how Mannat Fertility Clinic operates. We have the infrastructure and network of critical service providers to help with a range of vital services such as selection and care of the surrogate mother. Here we do the medical screening and psychologically prepare the surrogate mother for the program; this includes her psychological assessment, pre-natal care and modest accommodation during pregnancy.

Next, Mannat Fertility Clinic’s surrogacy services in Bangalore initiates the selection of egg donor which also has to follow a set procedure. It begins with the medical and psychological screening of the donor followed by matching and preparation of the donor with the surrogate mother. Thereafter, we take care of the donor’s administration, travel and ovum extraction in the most efficient and effective way so as to keep the cost as reasonable as possible.

The other crucial aspect of egg donor is also related to our coordination with IVF and obstetric clinics for sperm donation, ovum retrieval, embryo fertilization and implantation and comprehensive pre-natal care.

Finally it is our pediatric hospital which is one of the best surrogate mother clinics in Bangalore where we arrange for delivery, neonatal intensive care unit (if necessary) post-natal care for baby, parents and surrogate mother and baby-care training for parents among others.

Of course, no surrogacy is complete without legal formalities for which Mannat Fertility Clinic engages legal professionals to create surrogacy and donor contract, arrange birth certificate for the newly born child to establish parental rights. A vital component of the legal issues is the matter of compensation for the surrogate mother that intended parents may have agreed to pay. While we ensure that this is honored at all costs, the legally bound agreement also bars the surrogate mother from claiming the baby she had just given birth.

Surrogacy is one of the most preferred Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatment options in which a woman agrees to become a surrogate by keeping a child for any other couple in her womb for the whole process of pregnancy. It is generally recommended when the womb cannot nurture and hold a fetus in a female partner. This process is very complex and proper psychological counseling is required for everyone involved in this process. Couples have to go through serious emotional turmoil which takes place during the period. This method is used across the world, especially when the uterus is not capable enough to hold and nurture a child during the pregnancy.

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Frequently Questions

Surrogacy is a good and another technique for all infertile couples who are facing the problem of miscarriage, weak uterus etc. Surrogacy treatment is available at reasonable or lesser price by which you can grow your family. Surrogacy Centres in Bangalore can help you to provide further details of cost, diagnosis and other essential information about it.

A Surrogate mother is a woman who artificially receive the sperm from a male of the couple willing to be parents and carry the baby in order to deliver you. However, you can find out a surrogate mother in Surrogacy centres in Bangalore. Surrogate mother cost in Bangalore is different and you will clarify it after meeting Surrogate mother in centres.

Yes, surrogacy is completely legal in Bangalore! In fact, there are many centres are also open in which will help you find out a surrogate mother. According to your need and medical treatment, you can get a suitable surrogate mother for you. Check the best Surrogacy centre in Bangalore by going through the available facility, cost and other medical services.

Yes, surrogacy is completely legal in Bangalore! In fact, there are many centres are also open in which will help you find out a surrogate mother. According to your need and medical treatment, you can get a suitable surrogate mother for you. Check the best Surrogacy centre in Bangalore by going through the available facility, cost and other medical services.

A surrogate mother gets pregnant by donating her own egg and carries pregnancy for a couple willing to be parents of a baby. The sperm of father afterwards is combined to the egg of a surrogate mother. All this process is known as IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) in which sperm of donor and father both may be used! Search surrogate mothers in Bangalore at surrogacy centres with the help of the internet.

Surrogacy is applicable for those patients who are not able to conceive a baby due to physical or mental or personal reasons. Along with ART, surrogacy can be obtained by couples with an ART bank. Even, you can also visit surrogacy centres in Bangalore for locating a suitable surrogate mother. If any couple is physically and mentally fit to conceive baby then they are not allowed for surrogacy.