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Embryo Adoption

Embryo Adoption

The technology has advanced a lot and found a solution to many issues. One of the most complicated issues, infertility, has also got a solution. That is called embryo adoption. The term ‘embryo adoption’ has become familiar to most of the people. It is a kind of third party reproduction. People consider it as a new way of adoption. Embryo adoption is meant for people who face trouble in achieving a successful pregnancy.

Embryo adoption is done in order to provide an opportunity to assist people who want to conceive. Embryo adoptions are even done on an anonymous basis. In such cases, the donor and the recipient will not be known for each other. Open basis donation is also done, where the donor and the recipient will be known to each other.

Genetic parents are free to select the adoptive parents if they are undergoing the process through an agency. The terms and conditions are negotiable within the two families. Before entering the process, a detailed check-up of the recipient will be done in order to decide whether she is eligible for the process. Once all the formalities are over, the procedure will be performed further.

The embryos to be transferred will be created during an IVF cycle. Following the embryo creation, it will be placed into the uterus of recipient woman to facilitate pregnancy. The recipient woman who gives birth to the child will have the right to own the child thereafter. The principle used for embryo adoption is the same as that of egg donation or sperm donation. Embryo adoption and Embryo Reduction in Bangalore can be done as a service of an individual fertility clinic or by any of several organizations.

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