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  • We provide research-based IVF treatment plans with care and ensuring highest safety. Our techniques ensure the best IVF treatments throughout the journey and best possible results. Honest & Ethical Practice with Expert Care.
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Mannat Fertility Clinic is the best IVF center in Bangalore offering the best IVF services. Located at the prime center, our clinic is easy to access from any corner of Bangalore and the entire country through all forms of transportation. We are enabling childless couple to have babies under the guidance of internationally acclaimed IVF doctors who hold high qualifications and sound experience. At Mannat Fertility Center, we guarantee of success at the right fraction of the cost you would pay for similar treatments in the country or abroad. Mannat Fertility Center, the best IVF clinic Bangalore, has sophisticated embryology laboratory with all the ultra-modern equipment needed for the best results. The major procedures such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, Laparoscopic, and Surrogacy are carried out in our laboratory. We keep our lab maintained at the highest cleanliness, air purity, and temperature, standards to facilitate you attain the best results in your parenthood journey.

At our clinic, we carry out extensive andrology work as we have faith in treating the couple as a whole despite just managing the females and addressing the males if they have any chance of fertility. We carry out IUI (Intra Uterine Inseminations) whenever possible and avoid suggesting IVF/ICSI to all our patients until their test results leave no other option for them. One of the best specialties of our IVF hospital is to give hope to each of childless couples who wish to have a baby via modern medical technology, which is the least invasive. At Mannat Fertility Clinic, we offer the entire range of infertility treatments that includes IVF, ICSI, IUI, Laparoscopic, Surrogacy, Embryo Adoption, and Gynecological Surgery in Bangalore. We are determined to remove/treat the situation, which stops couples from becoming parents. Further, we are the last hope for you and assure we don't disappoint you in your parenthood journey.

Our Treatment & Services

We indulge in providing the diverse types of services to all our patients.


In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a great way to conceive a baby or to get pregnant. If you are struggling with infertility, then meet our experts.

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IUI(intra uterine insemination)

The procedure is all about a wash, and concentrated sperm is injected into your uterus. This process is coordinated with the normal ovulation cycle.

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Laparoscopic / hysteroscopy

This procedure can be preferred for diagnosing and treating the reasons for abnormal bleeding. The doctor will look inside the uterus with a hysteroscope.

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It is like an arrangement in which a woman bears an infant for another person. He will become the parents of a born child.

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Embryo adoption

There are various reasons to consider embryo adoption, as a problem with the sperm, if one of the partners has genetic order, and so on.

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Gynecology treatment

We treat several issues related to pregnancy, fertility, menopause. Consult our specialist if you want to plan your family.

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Steps Involved in the process of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Cycle

Ovarian Stimulation and trigger injection

Ovarian Stimulation and trigger injection

Before the execution of this process, the evaluation of the uterus and fallopian tubes may be done to ensure that there is no issue in surgical repair. The pre-cycle testing consists of hormonal evaluation for assessing the thyroid function and ovarian reserve.

It also involves the screening of both partners for any sexually transmitted infection. Not only this, but this test also consists of semen analysis of male partners. The primary purpose of ovarian stimulation is for maturing several eggs, particularly for egg retrieval.

Egg retrieval and semen collection

Egg retrieval and semen collection

You will undergo the surgical procedure after getting the trigger shot. The gap between the surgery and trigger shot is around thirty-four to thirty-six hours. The main goal of the surgical process is to remove the eggs from follicles in the ovaries. An ultrasound is required for this procedure for visible guidance.

You will not feel my pain or any sort of discomfort during the process. With the help of needles, follicles are entered. This process requires half an hour or less.

Fertilisation (insemination) and embryo development

When the egg reached the laboratory, experts examined these eggs to know the quality and maturity. Further, these eggs are sent to a particular medium. After that, they are kept in the incubator, and after a few hours, the egg retrieval is fertilized with sperm.

There are two primary methods for fertilizing an egg. These include conventional insemination or intra-cytoplasmic injection. The team of specialists will select the process as per your case.

Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer

By following the fertilization, the expert team and couple will decide the accurate time for transferring the embryo. It will take time off between one and six days. However, it takes three to five days once the step of egg retrieval is done.

The production of several embryos is based on various factors such as couple age, and so on. For enhancing the chances of success, a healthy embryo is preferred. The embryologist selects the embryo.

Luteal Phase

In some cases, there is an additional process required for helping older women or those who have unsuccessful IVF. In addition to that, assisted hatching is considered as micromanipulation in which the hole is made in a flexible shell. It works for surrounding the cells of the early embryo.

It is an additional process and does not have any evidence that it enhances pregnancy or live birth rates. This process is done before the embryo transfer.

Pregnancy Test.

After 12 days of embryo transfer, you will have to do a blood pregnancy test. When the pregnancy is confirmed, then you will have to take one step further. It is all about the ultrasounds for confirming viability and either there are multiple pregnancies or not. If you do not find any complications at 9-10 weeks, you can return to an obstetrician. Further, work as per the guidance of your doctor and pay attention to your healthy pregnancy.

Why Mannat is First Choice for Childless Couple?

We understand that infertility can create distress in the lives of the couples and somehow hamper their relationship. Having a child is one of the kindest blessings from God. The small steps of a child can create a big impact on the lives of the parents and make you welcome joy. Our team of qualified and reputed doctors will ensure to make your dream come true and provide you with the amazing blessing of a child. We have experience in providing our patients with all type of infertility treatments in the hospital. Our pool of doctors is highly experienced and has served some of the top IVF centre/ in the country and so have treated a number of cases before.

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Mannat Fertility Centre, India’s leading fertility clinic, is a hope for childless couples. Based at Marathahalli in Bangalore, this IVF clinic offers the best and patient-centric fertility treatments and makes the journey towards parenthood successful for married couples willing to be parents of a healthy & cute baby. At Mannat Fertility Centre, we are highly acknowledged for our higher treatment success rate and association with more than 8500 satisfied couples.

This IVF centre has all the requisite sophisticated infrastructure, clinical facilities, and a team of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced IVF doctors and other staff. Our assurance of having maximum satisfaction, successful & effective fertility treatments, and optimum patient care during the treatment makes us the best IVF hospital in India. At Mannat Fertility Centre, we can treat patients with normal to highly difficult infertility issues. Our highly skilled and experienced pathologists carry out the prescribed tests at the lab and support IVF specialists, gynaecologists, and fertility experts to help patients get what they expected while coming to us. Being the best IVF clinic in Bangalore, India and to serve childless couples well, we keep our clinical setup updated, clean, and hygienic.

Mannat Fertility Centre is recognised as the top IVF clinic due to the fertility treatment services we offer here. Our treatment service range includes Male Infertility, Female Infertility, Urological Program, Gynaecological Support, Andrology, Donor Program, and allied treatments such as Laparoscopy, Cystemotic, and Occupational Therapy. Our single aim to remove all the barriers in the way of becoming parents makes us the best IVF centre.

What is IVF?

IVF is the shortened form of the medical term In vitro fertilisation. It is an assisted reproduction method to let childless couples become parents of cute and healthy babies. During this process, an IVF doctor or fertility expert uses a laboratory dish to combine a womans egg with a man’s sperm. Thereafter, there is a transfer of fertilised eggs into the woman’s uterus where they develop and get transformed into a child. After the completion of the pregnancy period, the woman gives birth to a healthy and cute baby. This fertility treatment was known as test tube baby when a child named Louise Brown came into this world in 1978 in England. Generally, there are fewer chances of severe complications in IVF treatments. And at Mannat Fertility Centre, we offer maximum assurance of making you parents.

What are the things you should think about before having consultation at an IVF centre?

After trying to be parents of a cute baby for years, you are almost stressed and hopeless. When you consider IVF treatment for having a child, you see a ray of hope. You can maintain this hope in yourself and become parents by approaching a reputed IVF clinic in Bangalore, India. Here are what you should look for before making your appointment with the best IVF specialist at a fertility centre:

What makes Mannat Fertility Centre stand apart from other fertility and IVF clinics

Mannat Fertility Centre is India’s top IVF clinic due to customised treatments for Male Infertility and Female Infertility. Here are what makes us a preferred fertility clinic for you:

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You should book your appointment with a fertility expert or IVF specialist when you:

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Frequently Questions

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In-Vitro fertilization or IVF is a procedure of fertilizing eggs from ovaries with sperm in vitro (outside the body). The doctors stimulate and monitor the whole ovulation process of a woman. They remove the ova or ovum from the ovaries and fertilize the same with sperm in a laboratory. One complete IVF cycle takes around 3 weeks.

Usually, the IVF process shouldnt be painful as you may have the feeling of discomfort or some mild cramping after the procedure. You will be sedated and given pain killers while retrieving eggs. Usually, you can manage pain with OTC medications. Many women believe that discomfort is worth it, especially when you finally become a mother.

According to the experts, women should get pregnant from 25 to 30 years of age. If you want best results for both your baby and your health, this age range is most fertile. After 35, your fertility starts to decline more severely. When you reach your 40s, your fertility level will be around 50%.

In-Vitro Fertilization or IVF is known to have much higher success rate in each cycle for conception. Success rate is around 50% per cycle if you are under 35. Usually, the success rate of IUI is only around 5 to 20 percent per treatment. It takes around 3-4 cycles to improve the success rate of IUI. But IUI also has its benefits. It is far less painful than IVF. Couples usually start with IUI to treat infertility. In IUI, the doctors directly inject the sperm into the uterus at the time of ovulation, which usually stays up to 72 hours.

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Vishal Raj and Soni Kumari

The good clinic that i strongly recommend. Understanding and helpful Receptionist,Nurses and Doctors. Thank you for supporting and helping us to have a baby. Good luck god bless all. I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking for fertility clinic in Bangalore.
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Nafija & Syed Mohammad

Best fertility center in Bangalore. We are very happy to coming here and do all the procedure ..all the staffs are well cooperated... they talking nicely with patients... 👍... One of the best gynaecologist in the Bangalore City I really loved this clinic
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Sangeeta Sheryl

My wonderful experience at Mannat fertility clinic is really amazing I went there after seeing review it's genuine. We concived naturally and my wife is pregnant and everything is going well under doctors guidance. Thanks Dr. Kavya Sharma and Archana Agarwal.